About Us

Protective wear should not be something you wear only at the hospital. They should be part of your routine and be a sign or self awareness. They should deliver the message that you are conscious of your surroundings and want to build a healthier future. They should support you in everything you undertake, and they should also support your ideology. Our scrubs and masks are designed and made in the USA from premium cotton blend, so you can go about your day, healthy.


We created ello to solve one major problem. One should not have to choose between fit, price, quality and cause. We have thus decided to create the best masks you will ever wear. That is our promise to you and the reason behind ello. We know you care, and so should we.

Effective against pollutants & spreads

Our masks help filter the air and provide a protective barrier against bigger particles that are projected or float around in the air. Our premium cotton blend fabric is designed to provide protection against nanoparticles and the transmission of infectious aerosols when used in combination with other protective measures. Keep in mind that our masks will only protect against viruses in certain circumstances. They are not medical grade, and should not deter you from washing your hands!

Designed for Style

We have designed fits that put the throw-away masks model to rest. Our team understands the needs for utility yet contemporary masks. We have developed a washable mask that will remain soft and will be comfortable around the ears, without compromising on the style.

 Made in America

We put time and energy into our masks, helping our community in return. At ello, we maximize our local impact by keeping the supply chain domestically. Every piece is made at our Los Angeles facility, meaning our production is not at the detriment of politics or epidemics.

“Our masks are made in the USA, so you can feel better with what you wear. “

Built to Follow You

We did not stop at making soft and comfortable masks. Our masks are the result of many hours spent analyzing the many tests you put masks through on a daily basis. From riding your bicycle to carrying the groceries, we have built our masks to be able to follow you and provide the same quality of protection in your every movement.

Built to Last

Our premium cotton blend fabric is designed to be washed in warm water and will retain its shape through numerous wash cycles. The double layer not only provides extra filtration, but also extends the lifetime of our product, thus contributing to waste reduction.

Cutting Out the Middleman

By having our own sewing facility and selling directly to you, we are able to cut the middleman and offer the best quality masks without artificially inflating the price. We have streamlined the manufacturing process in order to be able to always have our eyes on our production, while cutting out the middleman.