By now, many of us know that we need to do our part during this public health crisis in at least two ways. We try to stay home as much as possible, and wear a mask and socially distance whenever we do go out. But what about those who cannot isolate themselves, such as the vulnerable in our communities or frontline workers?

That’s why Ello’s simple business model is making a big difference in the Los Angeles area right now. For every mask purchased, Ello proudly donates a mask to a vetted frontline community partner. Ello has already been able to give many masks to medical centers and organizations that help the vulnerable.

Ello’s donation program partners include a handful of other organizations.

Each partner organization greatly appreciates Ello’s customers. The people who buy masks from Ello are making an important impact in their local community. Also, both Ello customers and donation partners are getting the same quality product. Ello masks are fashionable, comfortable, carefully crafted and meet Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

The locally sourced premium cotton blend masks are double layer, universal fit designs and are of course washable. They have stretchable ear loops that are both secure and comfortable. Customers can choose from solid colors as well as collaborative designs with local creatives: muralist Corie Mattie and For Those Who Sin. The CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) now recommend everyone wear cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the virus. Medical experts say that some people may carry COVID without symptoms. You may have heard the phrase, “My mask protects you. Your mask protects me.”

Ello is especially dedicated to providing cloth masks to local healthcare organizations as their many employees continue their essential work. These organizations can give them to patients at hospitals or drive-through testing facilities as well as employees not engaged in direct, high-risk patient care. Even for healthcare workers who would ideally have a surgical mask to do their job, a cloth mask provides some protection. Ello masks can also be worn in combination with N95 or surgical masks.

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